A-Bones Japan Tour Pix and Flix


MINUS ONE! BLAST OFF! The A-Bones meet the Fleshtones this Saturday Oct 3 at Union Hall in everso fabulous Brooklyn, moments before blasting off across the pond on a two week pounder in la France and el Spain! The band’s been in racking up plenty air miles, especially with a seven day weekend in frantic and fabulous Japan! Big thanks and lots of L-U-V to friends and fans in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, and especially to our amazing and fantastic hosts Jelly Bean, Jackie T-Bird.. and….of course… Enocky “Thunderbolt” Enomoto!! (Arigatou, Tomodachis!) There’s tons of sharp tour and show footage on youtube from talented shutterbugs, plus longtime photographer pal Jeff Cuyabamba kept a running foto journal! Check out the links and tell us what you thinks!

Now click on some real cool live photographs on
Shino's Photo Web!

Don't miss the action by clicking on:
Jeff’s Super Duper Tour Blog!

Then click on Mim's snap-happy backstage offstage shutterbug slide show:
A-Bones Japan Tour

Now for some home moovies!

Fink and Fifi of Teengenerate and Tomoko of Supersnazz join the A-Bones!

Youtube! A-Bones “Devil Dance”/”Drive In”/"Steady With Betty" (Nagoya)

Youtube! A-Bones “Oop Poo Pah Doo” (Osaka)

Youtube! A-Bones “Devil Dance”/”A-Bomb Bop” (Nagoya)

Youtube! A-Bones “Homicide”

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