Greetings from Nortonville, where we begin with a barrage of gossip and inside scoops before settling into serious business... international superpowers BLOODSHOT BILL, ANDRE WILLIAMS, AND KING KHAN, charmed the velvet rope papparazzi in Berlin, Germany... BB and KK are parts one and two of Indo rock sensations the TANDOORI KNIGHTS and of course Andre Williams needs no further introduction, he being, of course, MR. RHYTHM, grandmaster vocalist, producer, songwriter, author, and scentual perfumer.... did anyone say Greasy Tandoori Chicken?... meanwhile, the effervescent Mr. Khan is fresh from charming the pants (well, his pants) off of motion picture starlet Miss Lindsay Lohan!...Miss Lohan was apparently snubbed when she forced her way into at the unadvertised Iggy & the Stooges Raw Power blast in Brooklyn... an event muchly enjoyed by Nortonians who were not snubbed at all... did anybody say goodie bag?.... full report on seeing the Raw Power lineup in Cleveland January 1974 compared with seeing them in Brooklyn 36 years (gulp) later at kicksville66 blog... suffice it to say, they're UTTERLY INVINCIBLE... speaking of which, get the massive n' glamorous Sony reissues while u-can....splendid stuff... high marks to Nortonian SIR MICK JAGGER for his recent enthusiasm for the NORTON STONES SERIES which continues now with superb entries from THE GIRLS AT DAWN, THE WRECKED ANGLES, TANDOORI KNIGHTS, and the GAYE BLADES..... this brings the series to a humongous twenty-one split seven inchers, featuring forty-two of today's top hit makers covering Brian Jones-era Rolling Stones compositions... collect 'em all... be sure to leave some space in your NORTON RECORD TOTE for the anticipated GATEFOLD seven incher THEIR HISPANIC MAJESTIES REQUEST... scroll on for the scoop on this Norton first.... and all the upcoming June releases.. meanwhile, keep up with remarkable THE GIRLS AT DAWN and the GAYE BLADES ... both groups are busy recording debut Norton albums... due very soon... but not soon enough... catch TGAD with the A-BONES on the big June boat cruise to nowhere... dig dates and hep happenings below... but...before we get to new releases be sure to marvel at the excellence of the The Electrical Banana... fantastic footage from Vietnam 1967 ... as heard on Norton 289... ALIENS, PSYCHOS AND WILD THINGS LP... it will blow your mind... if you dig the properly revered BLACK LIPS and the sincerity of their message, you too will salivate at the sounds of the BANANA... and in case you haven't heard, THE MIGHTY HANNIBAL is celebrating his self-released new CD Hannibalism 2 on Wednesday June 30 at Mr. Finewine's fabulous Soul Night, downstairs at Botanica, located at 47 East Houston St (between Mulberry and Mott) in NYC. 10 PM til late. See you there! The insane and excellent Al Perry continues to hornswaggle all of Smitty Town a/k/a Tucson, AZ into complete Nortonian dominance with his foray into the airwaves. Dig it live 6-8 Tuesdays at KXCI.org Yes...yes...and yes, again... .... drum roll please....


THE LONESOME DRIFTER – EAGER BOY (327) Seventeen song roundup on Thomas Johnson, the mysterious Lonesome Drifter culled from the vaults of Shreveport’s Ram Records. His 1958 single Eager Boy stands as one of the most sought after records of all time. The Drifter’s haunting vocals and stark instrumentation make him a truly unique figure in rockabilly and hillbilly music. This is real bone chilling stuff! For fans of Hasil Adkins’ MOON OVER MADISON and Charlie Feathers’ UH HUH HONEY albums. Eager Boy/Tear Drop Valley/Honey Do You Think Of Me/No Lovin’ No Rockin’ Blues/Ain’t Got Nothin’ But The Blues/I Want You Back/Eager Boy (alt. take)/I’ll Be Lonesome When You’re Gone/Tear Drop Valley (alt. take)/I’ll Take A Chance/This Old World Don’t Seem The Same/I’m Gonna Quit My Crying/Blues From A Broken Heart/I Wished It Wasn’t So/Your New Love/Tear Drop Valley (alt. take)/Eager Boy (alt. take)

HASIL ADKINS – WHITE LIGHT/WHITE MEAT (328) Celebrate Hasil’s 25 years as a Norton Records artist with fourteen 1958-65 hunchers and weepers recorded in Hasil’s Boone County, West Virginia shack! Roll Roll Train/Woke Up This Morning/So Tell Me Darlin’/Hot Dog Baby/Come On And Do The Shake With Me/Teenie Weenie Waddy Kiss/Turn My Coat Tails Loose/Donnio Boogie/Tomorrow You’re Gone/Somebody Help Me/You’re Gonna Break My Heart/Lonely Graveyard/You Don’t Love Me/Donnio Shuffle

THEIR HISPANIC MAJESTIES REQUEST (9666) Double 45 set (in posh non-3D gatefold cover) featuring four mucho loco Rolling Stones songs con carne - sung in Spanish! Los Peyotes Let’s Spend The Night Together/Davila 666 She’s A Rainbow/Luis and the Wildfires Get Off My Cloud/Los Vigilantes Paint It Black – arriba!

THE LONESOME DRIFTER – EAGER BOY/TEAR DROP VALLEY (877) Fired up alternate takes of both sides of the incredible Lonesome Drifter’s astonishing 1958 K label rockabilly masterpiece! Absolutely stunning! Of course, you can always buy an original


Here’s some upcoming summer releases from Norton! Mr. Excitable Foreigner – do not order these platters yet!

ROY HEAD AND THE TRAITS – LIVE IT UP! (358) Sixteen song roundup of the earliest recordings by inimitable Texas madman Roy Head along with the original Traits! These 1958 -62 sides include all the group’s wild TNT and Renner singles!

THE GIRLS AT DAWN – CALL THE DOCTOR (361) A dozen heart stoppin' originals incl. Hideaway, Evil One, Your Eyes, I’ll Be Your Girl, mo’!

Be sure to catch the Girls when they come to your town on their big summer tour!

VARIOUS – YOU TORE MY BRAIN! SIXTIES GARAGE ACETATES VOL. 5 (362) Clobberin’ fifth volume of brutal unissued garage crunchers by the Fanatics, Pharaohs, Invictas, IVbidden, Sir Winston and the Commons, mo’!

THE TANDOORI KNIGHTS – TEMPLE OF BOOM (363) A dozen curried treats from the remarkable King Khan and Bloodshot Bill featuring the hit single Pretty Please as well as soon-to-be Tandoori taste treats Into Her Arms and Bandstand and mo’ Hindu hi-jinx!

DADDY ROCKING STRONG: A TRIBUTE TO NOLAN STRONG AND THE DIABLOS (002) Norton-distributed comp on The Wind Records featuring songs made famous by Detroit's all time greatest singer as interpreted by his biggest fans - Mark Sultan, Dirtbombs, Reigning Sound, Andre Williams, Dan Kroha, A-Bones, Hentchmen, Outrageous Cherry, Party Stompers, Cub Koda, Demons Claws, Lenny Kaye, Fondas and Wreckless Eric! LONG LIVE NOLAN STRONG! LONG LIVE FORTUNE RECORDS!!


June 17 Montreal, Canada w/Great Gaylord,
Reigning Sound, Bloodshot Bill at La Sala Rossa

June 19 WFMU, live on Cherry Blossom Clinic with Terre T (3PM) wfmu.org

June 23 Booze Cruise aboard the Half Moon,

Skyport Marina NYC w/The Girls At Dawn; DJ Josh Styles at the wheel!


July 6 Norton Records DJ Party with Billy and

Miriam, Bar Loser, Helsinki, Finland

July 7 Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland

July 8 Klubi, Tampere, Finland

July 9 DBs, Utrecht, Holland

July 10 tba

July 11 Sjock Festival, Gierle Belgium w/The Jim

Jones Review and the Fleshtones


July 16 Rebel Night Weekender, Warsaw, Brooklyn, NY w/the Trashmen


Gentlemen (and ladies), prepare to start your engines....

July 31 PONDEROSA STOMP AT LINCOLN CENTER: THE DETROIT BREAKDOWN! Just spoke with Question Mark and he is confident the Empire State Building will shine ORANGE after he sets the town on its ear at this wild bash.... and MELVIN DAVIS makes his NYC debut.... see you there!


Thee Midniters, Thee Trashmen... Duane Eddy...Sugar Pie De Santo.... plus an unannounced cherry-on-top brain-blaster of a closer for Sunday night’s wild, wild top secret party! Be sure to stick around til Monday morn!