Sun Ra Book Launch April 25

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In this centennial of Sun Ra's birth, Kicks Books delivers a new collection of lost parables and polemics. PROPHETIKA will be the tenth title from Brooklyn's unsinkable KICKS BOOKS COMPANY, which went underwater in Hurricane Sandy. All of its titles, which include works by Andre Williams, Nick Tosches, Harlan Ellison, Royston   Ellis, Kim Fowley and Charles Plymell, are back in print!


Kicks Owl
Kicks "Owl" Tote available now!
THE OWL has indeed landed... our new mascot arrives via our first-ever Kicks Books book bag, just in time for our big bash on April 25 at THE POETRY PROJECT at historic ST MARKS CHURCH IN-THE-BOWERY.. celebrating the publication of PROPHETIKA, an apocalyptic array of unpublished Sun Ra poems and polemics, timed to preview during the Grand Cardinal Cross and to coincide with with this month's solar eclipse.. all heralding Sun Ra's birth centennial... articulating the goods at the book launch will be beat poet king
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CHARLES PLYMELL of BENZEDRINE HIGHWAY fame, Sun Ra disciple/ rhythm & blues legend BARRENCE WHITFIELD, bi-coastal author / DJ/ saxophone stylist PHAST PHREDDIE, Detroit's destructo-guitar god MICK COLLINS of the GORIES and the DIRT BOMBS (who will leave his axe at home and go for an all-out oratory instead)... and "space" theremin- wielding Mike Edison who will make and break the mood as required, and pontificate at will...
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... and perfume will be available at the reading which will be followed by an all-niter at Jonathan Toubin's SHAKIN ALL OVER UNDER SIDEWAYS DOWN stomp at Home Sweet Home, 131 Chrystie Street... join the pilgrimage over to Home Sweet Home, as Charles, Phreddie, Mick, Mike, Barrence and the Kicks krew spin outta site outer space dance floor
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rompers and stompers in the basement while the Saturn Room upstairs will provide a heavenly haven for snugglers and stargazers... CHARLES PLYMELL's birthday arrives at midnite, so causes for celebration shall multiply... THE ROYSTON ELLIS monthly series is off to the races with our format-busting SWEET EBONY in the new KICKS Big Book BLUE series.. you heard right.. a book a month for a year... watch for May publication RUSH AT THE END by Royston Ellis.. from Kicks Big Books LAVENDER BLUE.. genre busting, gender bending ... hard-edged and harder bitten... that's Ellis in a nutshell... and yes, limited fragrances are concocted for each book in the series...pick up some scents for mothers day and start your fragrance collection while you can... the ink is dry
Mike Edison, Charles Plymell, Mick Collins, Phast Phreddie
on our agreement to publish WHEN PIMPS WERE KING as a he/she duo, a year in the life of a pimp... circa 1970... true story diary style combo... half pimp... half prostie... the pair is due for Kicks Books Blue series this summer... all roads now lead to our year end Kicks Books 5th anniversary... which will ignite with the anticipated publication of I FOUGHT THE LAW, the authorized biography of Bobby Fuller by Miriam Linna and Bobby's brother Randy Fuller. Fuller's musical legacy comes to the printed page with four wheels burning... details follow on all counts... STAY YE TUNED.. and see you at St. Marks Church and Home Sweet Home on April 25!


What: SUN RA CENTENNIAL! Kicks Books and The Poetry Project present the PROPHETIKA book launch with all nite dance to follow at Home Sweet Home hosted by Jonathan Toubin and Shakin All Over Under Sideways Down!
When: Friday April 25
Where: St Marks Church on the Bowery, 131 E. 10th Street NYC and after-prance is at 131 Chrystie Street NYC
Time: Doors 10 PM, event begins 10:20 sharp
What: Rants, raves and readings from Charles Plymell, Mick Collins, Phast Phreddie, Barrence Whitfield, and Mike Edison with occasional noise from the space theremin and the Phast sax. First availability of books and perfume.
Followed by: All night celebration with Sun Ra superfan Jonathan Toubin and crew at Home Sweet Home!
Join luminaries Barrence Whitfield, Phast Phreddie Boogaloo Omnibus, Mike Edison, Mick Collins, and CHARLES PLYMELL as they read the secret screeds-- long lost unseen pronouncements of doom and rancor from the Sun one. Hear, heed, read and then join the Jonathan Toubin brigade all nite Sun Ra dance-o-thon at Home Sweet Home ... from 131 E. 10th Street to 131 Chrystie Street... let the interconstellational Cardinal Grand Cross mayhem BEGIN!