WANT WAX? The fall crop of Norton slabs is in! THE COBA SEAS (James Williamson's 1966 reform school band), SUN RA (thre more fab LPs), YVONNE & YVETTE (Siamese twins), KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE (Fowley/Coasters), RENEGADES, FLAMIN GROOVIES, new Rolling Stones split 45's inc THEIR HISPANIC MAJESTIES REQUEST, NOLAN STR...ONG TRIBUTE ALBUM, GIRLS AT DAWN, ROY HEAD, TANDOORI KNIGHTS, GARAGE ACETATES VOL. 5, HASIL ADKINS, LONESOME DRIFTER, DING-DONGS, and today's Norton birthday artist and icon, BOBBY FULLER. Pick 'em up at the WFMU fair in New York, happening today, Saturday and Sunday! Info at wfmu.org! (Hasil Adkins photo @ Norton archives!)