Spring 2014 Norton Releases

New Norton wax is upon us-- a slathering of grease for the loud and the lovelorn-- these seven inch slabs pave the blacktop for twelve inch action coming in June!
Check out the website - lots of hot new wax from Norton and other attitudinal labels plus loads of previously-out Norton titles are now BACK IN PRINT!
Plus new stuff from Kicks Books.. soon to celebrate five years in biz-- four of them above water!
45-182-Tico and the Triumphs
182 TICO AND THE TRIUMPHS – HERE COMES THE GARBAGE MAN/THE BIGGEST LIE I EVER TOLD Two unissued 1962 sides from the Jerry Landis (Paul Simon) New York City group!
45-183 miriam-1
183 MIRIAM – MY LOVE HAS GONE/THERE GOES MY BABE Miriam steps out from behind the A-Bones drum kit for her first solo outing-- two songs from the upcoming NOBODY'S BABY album. Produced by Sam Elwitt. Of course!
45-9667 Barrence Whitfield-1
9667 BARRENCE WHITFIELD AND THE SAVAGES – ONE MORE TRY/STOMPIN’ RIFF RAFFS – WHAT A SHAME Northeast meets Far East as the Savages channel Frankie Lee Sims while the Riff Raffs clobber their side with a nod to Don and Dewey!
45-184 Dondee and the Glades
184 DONDEE AND THE GLADES – THAT’S WHY I CRIED/I HAD A DREAM A true early sixties sad sack anthem – as the cover claims, “For Losers Only.” Nothing about this record is right.
45-185 Johnny Burnette

185 JOHNNY BURNETTE – YOU GOTTA GET READY/ FANTABU-LOUS Early rock n’ roll demos! Johnny and Dorsey tear it up with a full band on the rockin’ You Gotta Get Ready from Norton’s CRAZY DATE LP while the frantic flip makes its first appearance on wax!

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 2.53.34 PM
SUN RA -PROPHETIKA (45-1901) CENTENNIAL SOUVENIR (KICKS BOOKS) Two never heard and top rank Sun Ra vocal sing-song doomsday recitations, one with fabulous instrumentation. This small-hole 45 RPM record commemorates the Sun Ra Centennial 2014 and celebrates the publication of the first book of a three "hip-pocket paperback" trilogy called PROPHETIKA--apocalyptic end-time warnings to heed from Kicks Books! Each sleeve is stamped and numbered.
Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 2.56.51 PM
PROPHETIKA by Sun Ra (KB9) Foreword by Charles Plymell. Introduction by Phast Phreddie Patterson. The first of three books that will comprise the PROPHETIKA trilogy, a lost trove of unpublished end-times poetry and prose-- hard-edged predictions and prognostications to mankind from the doomsday pen of visionary genius Sun Ra! From Kicks Boks, who previously bought you Sun Ra's THIS PLANET IS DOOMED (KB2) - also available!
kbb1 Sweet Ebony-1
SWEET EBONY by Royston Ellis! (KBB1) Britain's original beat author, the inspiration for the Beatles' Paperback Writer, resurfaced last year with Kicks Books' GONE MAN SQUARED, after going MIA for five decades. Now, he's back in action, taking the publishing world by storm with SWEET EBONY, the first of TWELVE titles for Kicks Books- with a new book due each month for the next twelve months! SWEET EBONY charts new genre-warping terrain as four free-thinking women from California travel to Kenya on a safari in search of the "F' word- fulfillment of their wildest desires. Ellis writes with shrewd insight into four disparate personalities coping with the clash of cultures at the end of the 1970's. Come along for a wild ride with the man the Beatles called "Paperback Writer", who Jimmy Page backed as a young stringbuster, and who Time Out declared one of London's all-time Top Teenage Rebels! Kicks Books Blue-- for those who wish turn up the heat! KBB series is a thick, larger format book.
Screen shot 2014-04-28 at 11.06.46 PM