Attention, Nortonians! A couple of splendid announcements as we head into the Perseid season here in the Northern hemisphere! The A-Bones will be buzzin' a beeline straight north and across the border in our hopped up jalop (aka recently tuned up Chrysler with a big dent in the side) with the plan to squeal into le parking lot just as the full moon eclipse works its whammy jammy on party festers. Blastin' combos from all over the US and Canada will converge upon beautiful Montreal for a massive weekend of loud sound abundance! "Q" not only stands for Quebec, but also for Question Mark & the Mysterians, set to headline the basheroo, with all segments and fragments well represented! Info at WOOLY WEEKEND! See ya there!

And as you peel out enroute to the Wooly Weekend, download the first frantic podcast of Norton House Of Wax (NHOW!) with a special soft soap hard sell ramcharger intro to the wild new set I STILL HATE CD'S: THE NORTON RECORDS 45 RPM BOX SET #2!

Tune in now at Norton House of Wax!

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