Sunday November 25th
61 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
Telephone: 718-963-3369
4pm til Midnight!
Grand finale rub-a-rub record scrub to the non-stop Killer Sounds from the Town’s Top DJs including:
(Smashed! Blocked!)
(Metropolis Vintage)
more top klass spinner DJ's to be announced!
Ready to tackle another load of wet wax? The fabulous Brooklyn Bowl has swung open its door and alleys for the Grand Finale Norton Records Wash-A-Thon! Last Sunday, a Norton Army assembled to wash 10,000 LP records in one eight hour marathon! Mucho thanks to the Brooklyn Bowl staff- Adam, Jessie, and the whole gang- THANK YOU ALL! Of course the rippin’, strippin’, stackin’ washin’, dryin’, sleevin’ and dryin’ was greatly accentuatin’ by the top brass DJ assemblage that kept elbows poolenty GREASY! Yes, Hurricane Sandy has precipitated a world record double barrel record washing axtravaganza that tests the mettle of our beloved vinyl format- which outlasted CD’s and tapes- and which will last us all several lifetimes.
Join us at the Brooklyn Bowl as we tackle a truckload of wet wax from the label with the able stable- New York’s own NORTON RECORDS, which was totally trashed, bashed and flooded by the wrath and fury of Sandy! Get in on it as a motherlode of the nation’s top disc jockeys blast their best, while lucky YOU joins the loud crowd lathering and buffing our Sandy-soaked footlongs back into action! Free admission but B.Y.O.RG. – Bring Your Own Rubber Gloves … and rolls of hi-klass paper towels! Teams of clean freaks will work with record washers provided by the acclaimed Discwasher Company of Pittsburgh, while others will use the time tested soapy sponge method. Learn a trade! And know that you have participated in saving the wildest wax in the world. As you know, Hurricane Sandy destroyed the contents of the Red Hook based Norton Records warehouse, soaking everything within. Time is not on our side as we strip off and discard wet jackets, and wash, dry and resleeve the recordings of the Sonics, Link Wray, Hasil Adkins, Jack Starr, Bloodshot Bill, Esquerita, Daddy Long Legs, King Uszniewicz and hundreds of artists whose shouts and stomps have come into your homes and hearts via the Norton label. Kudos to the beautiful BROOKLYN BOWL for setting the pins up for the first ever NORTON RECORDS WASH-A-THON—enjoy their food, beverages, great sound system.. plus break for BOWLING after the WASH-A-THON! See you there!
Limited advance copies of Norton’s upcoming releases (which were safely at the plant during the storm) will be on sale at Brooklyn Bowl. This includes KIM FOWLEY - KING OF THE CREEPS (1959-69), THE DEL-AIRES - ZOMBIE STOMP (full LP by the Horror of Party Beach Guys), four new albums in our EL PASO ROCK series and T. VALENTINE WITH DADDY LONG LEGS - THE VAMPIRE! Several new singles will also be available! Pick up a Norton bags and teeshirt, too!
Sneak peak, pre-pub copies of LORD OF GARBAGE VOL. 1 (memoirs from 1939-1969) by KIM FOWLEY will be available—hot off the press at KICKS BOOKS!
In case you can’t come by, but would still like to help, we have a donation button on our homepage: Norton Records
We are now also looking for a couple of trusty interns willing to work for school credit or experience for clerical (Mac) work, inventory, library organization, website wizardry, sundry everyday tasks that are now overwhelming us at Norton HQ. If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible.
Thanks to all the Nortonians who are doing benefits and stuff! Keep up with all these romps at the Norton Records facebook page- join us there for late breakin' news!

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